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    John Sanchez Widening Lead over Walter Bradley

    John Sanchez for Governor in New Mexico written by: Marlondi12 John Sanchez will run for Governor. He wants to represent the famous state of New Mexico in the future. So he is working truly hard to achieve this goal as soon as possible. We will talk about some reasons why Mr. Sanchez might be a good governor.

    Successful Entrepreneur
    John Sanchez is running for Governor of New Mexico. He is a successful entrepreneur who has worked hard to become a successful person over time. This means that Mr. Sanchez has important intellectual tools to do his job well. He is 54 and works as the important Lieutenant Governor of the state of New Mexico. He has Hispanic origins and his enterprise, Right Way Roofing won the Small Business of the Year. The prize was awarded by the Hispano Chamber of Commerce in Albuquerque. He was also a real estate agent and one-time fight attendant. Mr. Sanchez was also elected to the important House of Representatives in New Mexico in 2000. He represented Bernalilo County too.
    He worked hard to help many charter schools get vouchers through an important education reform. Mr. Sanchez also sponsored an important bill aiming at creating a term limit for the important New Mexico Legislature. He worked in different assignments including education and business. Mr. Sanchez run for governor of New Mexico in 2002, but he was defeated by Bill Richardson. Now he has more experience to win a public office. He wanted also to run for Senator in 2011. This situation made the current governor to restrict his activity, as his goal might have become a distraction to him.
    Raising Money
    Mr. Sanchez was not able to raise a lot of money to win his race for Senate. He also received an endorsement from Rand Paul when was running for Senator. Mr. Sanchez ended up withdrawing his bid in 2012. A lot of people have been questioning the ethics of this man because one a weird situation that happened in the past. Mr. Sanchez supposedly paid money to itself when he used money that he has risen from the electoral campaign to pay for the rent of a campaign office he had in a building of his own. This is something strange s and a lot of people were talking about. Vaping now is a big concern over cigarettes. Vape Pens are now all the rage pen
    Some investigators have argued that Sanchez just paid out too much money in rent. But we need also to that Mr. Sanchez was clean. He didn’t commit any crime at all. He will run for governor again and he is a proven player in the political arena. He has been working hard to be where he is today, and he deserves a great deal of success these days too. He knows how to spend his money, but some people say he is not frugal at all. This is an important point that we need to bear in mind at all times. If we elect politicians with a proven record of public service, our counties will be better off in the future.
    Now you have more information to understand what Mr. Sanchez is up to. You can now think more clearly about the things this man can do for you as a governor for the state of New Mexico.


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